For over 20 years we have been publishing video games in Central and Eastern Europe for the most recognisable game developers in the world, aspiring foreign indie creators, as well as Polish producers. We have built the foundations of our trademark on a committed and professional approach, as well as delivering to players their favourite entertainment. Since 2016, as Klabater, we have supported Polish game developers in their efforts to publish their productions and reach customers all over the world.


Game distribution is a complex process, one which we have specialised in since the company's foundation. Our staff consists of top managers and specialists in sales, production, logistics, and marketing. Our vast distribution network covers not only large chain stores and wholesale dealers, but also specialised retail stores. Sales activity is mainly directed from the central office, however we still display our products directly in the market.


Our modern platform helps automate the process of ordering the products we have available. The integration of warehouse systems, ERP, and our web app allows clients from all over Poland to quickly and easily order games from our partners, without quantity or value limits. The database of companies whose products are available via the platform is constantly being developed. At this very moment we support several hundred companies in Poland. Our offer is aimed mainly at dynamically developing businesses from the MSP sector.


Gamers are among the most demanding multimedia consumers on the market. Creating the proper form and adequate selection of media and communication channels is crucial for succeeding in sales. We support our partners in every vital area of marketing. For years we have built relationships with media representatives and influencers, resulting in the development of our own social media channels and extensive mailing lists. We certainly know how to reach domestic and foreign clients and influencers with information about the games that are being published or distributed by our company.



The video gaming industry is the most dynamically developing area of electronic entertainment in Poland and worldwide. Every single day millions of people play on their PCs, consoles or mobile devices. Video games are also great gift ideas. It is a medium that reaches millions of recipients considered as marketable targets, and a very effective way of building and developing a brand image. As a distributor and publisher of the most recognisable gaming brands, we keenly invite you to cooperate with us in marketing, sales, public relations and other areas. Join our ever-expanding roster of partners, which include Citibank Group, Virgin Mobile, VISA, LG, and Hyperbook.

We also invite all those publishers and studios interested in distributing their digital and physical content in Central and Eastern Europe to cooperate. We have secure agreements with the biggest chain retailers, local distributors and wholesale dealers. We also offer production, marketing and publishing services. To our partners we offer fully transparent terms of cooperation, as well as highly functional tools to help monitor sales and activity across the markets we cover.



We have been present on European and domestic electronic entertainment markets for over 20 years.

Our selling points are: innovation, honesty and experience. We focus on three main areas in today’s video game market: distribution, publishing and wholesale via the Internet. Our market share and sales value grants us a place at the very top of the Polish games market every year.

We cooperate with the most recognisable international publishers, such as Blizzard, Focus Entertainment, or Warhorse. We are responsible for publishing titles for the biggest indie developers, such as Giants Software, GSC Games, and Skybound. We are also an exclusive distributor for CD Projekt RED studio. In our portfolio you can find renowned franchises, including Diablo, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch, as well as the Witcher and Farming Simulator series games. The distribution process is conducted in Poland and, through our network of partners, in Central and Eastern European countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Since 2016 we have expanded our publishing activities on a global scale under the Klabater brand. By cooperating with Polish indie developers we help them publish their productions as worldwide digital editions. We have acquired publisher’s status on STEAM, Playstation and Xbox platforms. We support our partners in areas of production financing, marketing operations, public relations, as well as localising, game testing and project management. Each year we attend the most important gaming industry events worldwide, including PAX, E3, Gamescom, as well as PGA, Good Game Expo, and Warsaw Games Week in Poland.

For our domestic wholesale dealers we have created the platform, which allows small and medium sized sellers, as well as large companies, to automatically order every product we publish or distribute.